BloomsyBox: a Flower Fan’s Dream

BloomsyBox: a Flower Fan’s Dream

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Subscription boxes are officially a thing. There’s a box for whatever interests you. If you’re a makeup lover, Birchbox is just the thing. If you and your hound are besties, you have actually got BarkBox. Generally, if you desire a subscription service that matches your tastes, there’s probably a fill-in-the-blank-box out there for you. Think your “thing” might be too hard to ship? Think again. I was enjoyed find there’s one for individuals who love flowers: BloomsyBox.

BloomsyBox provides weekly or regular monthly deliveries of fresh flowers delivered right to your doorstep. I was a little hesitant. For beginners, flowers fade fast. Am I truly going to get wow-worthy blooms out of a cardboard box that’s been on a truck for who knows how long? And then there’s the fragility issue. You truly anticipate me to believe you can send me a complete bouquet of flowers and they’re going to get here in fantastic shape? Well, I got my own BloomsyBox to find out. And– spoiler alert– the answers were yes and yes.

How BloomsyBox works

BloomsyBox is a flower-of-the-month (or week, if you ‘d prefer) club. You decide if you desire an arrangement monthly, bi-weekly or weekly and dictate the size of bouquet you ‘d like to receive. They do the rest.

The flowers

BloomsyBox functions both mixed and single-variety bouquets. The latter ways that instead of getting a variety of flowers– including some that will die in a couple of days and you’ll have to thoroughly pick out of the bouquet– you get a full arrangement of a single kind of flower. (I got a single-variety box of lilies.).

BloomsyBox varies their shipments, so you may get tropical flowers one delivery, tulips the next and after that a mixed bouquet. Or, if you know you want to stay with roses, BloomsyBox has actually also partnered with Martha Stewart for rose-only shipments curated by Martha herself.

And each box features an informational card so you can take fantastic care of your flowers, extending their life expectancy as long as possible.

The sources.

I was amazed to discover that BloomsyBox has put some believed into their sourcing. They partner with almost 50 family-owned farms for their flowers, all of whom are Rain forest Alliance certified. That suggests your flowers grow without poisonous chemicals and the workers get reasonable conditions.

Another enjoyable truth about BloomsyBox’s sourcing is that they’re able to get their flowers from their source to you in two to four days. They state that’s about half the amount of time it takes for flowers to get to a vase in your home when you get them from a floral designer or a supermarket. That’s because BloomsyBox does not require any intermediaries. They deliver the flowers straight from their sources, where they’re arranged, to you.


The regular monthly BloomsyBox comes in three sizes:.

Bloomsy S, $40/month.
Bloomsy M, $50/month.
Bloomsy L, $55/month.
The regular monthly Martha Stewart Roses also comes in 3 sizes:.

Little, $50/month.
Medium, $55/month.
Large, $65/month.
Just can’t get sufficient flowers? Fear not! BloomsyBox also offers more regular shipments:.

Bloomsy Bi-weekly, $50/every two weeks.
Bloomsy Weekly, $45/week.
Oh, and here’s a perk! All BloomsyBoxes deliver free.

100% complete satisfaction warranty.

BloomsyBox states you’ll never need to spend for a bouquet you didn’t like. If you get a flower range you genuinely do not like, you’re not out of luck.

My BloomsyBox review.

This all appears pretty good, right? If you’re a flower enthusiast, you’re most likely constantly attempting to keep fresh flowers in your home. However that extra journey to the floral designer is a trouble, and supermarket arrangements frequently leave something to be preferred. Could BloomsyBox fill deep space?

I got a box to find out. Nevertheless, I was initially concerned. When my box arrived, one corner was bashed in. It’s been drizzling a lot in my location, so a lot of my bundles have actually been showing up a little disheveled. This one, in partcular, looked like it had actually been through the ringer in between BloomsyBox and coming to my door. But, upon opening it, I discovered the blossoms inside unharmed.

I got a large box of lilies in my delivery. Upon arrival, all of them were closed. This wouldn’t have actually been perfect if I had actually been planning on hosting a dinner celebration that night, but I was personally delighted. I cut the ends and put them in a warm spot and, sure enough, in a few days, I had vibrant blooms opening. And I continued to enjoy my arrangement for nearly two weeks. Now that’s fresh!

The size of my delivery likewise impressed me. It barely suit my largest vase! I put out a few of the blossoms to make little arrangements for my bathroom and guest space and a lily for my coffee table.

The advantages and disadvantages of BloomsyBox.

All in all, the freshness, quality and size of my BloomsyBox impressed me. It’s a little bit of a splurge, but if you’re currently spending cash on fresh flowers regularly, it could be an amazing way to cross an errand off your list. Plus you know you’re getting your flowers from a sustainable source. Here are my takeaways:.


Premium flowers.
Fresh shipments.
Free shipping in boxes that genuinely do protect the flowers.
Quality, sustainable sourcing.
Variety of size and shipment frequency choices.


Pricey (when compared to getting a bouquet at the grocery store).
Couple of modification choices.

Get your own BloomsyBox.

All that said, would I recommend BloomsyBox? If you like having fresh flowers in your house, absolutely. It’s a fun method to treat yourself and, due to the fact that you understand the flowers are coming from ethical, sustainable sources, it’s absolutely guilt-free! And, of course, Freshome has you covered if you want to examine BloomsyBox out on your own. Here are a couple of promotion codes you can use:.

$ 5 off their Month-to-Month Plan with code BLOOMSYA5.
$ 10 off their 6-Month Plan with code BLOOMSYA10.
With spring in maturity (if you will), it’s the perfect time to bring some life and color into your house. Enjoy your flowers!

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